What Makes a “Good” iOS App?, My Opinion

Luthfi Abdur Rahim
2 min readJul 4, 2021

“Good” iOS Apps

Think about the apps you most like to use on your iPhone or iPad. Why do you like to use them? Are there specific features that you find useful? Or maybe the app invokes a certain emotion, making you feel happy, or productive.

Knowing what you like about iOS apps will help you make better design decisions later on.

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The app that I like the most is clock timer, I can start the timer and stop and I can see all the stored timer so I can quantify and measure what I’ve done so far and how many time I spent to do some works, for example is clockify app.

I love the scheduling send email feature on gmail, it’s great to remind us about something in the future, of course we can use calendar notification, but gmail is an app that I always open everyday so I can read my scheduling reminder everyday so that I will not forget about something with this feature.

Other apps that I like is image editor or video editor so I can edit my image then I can share to my social media.

What Inspires or Frustrates You?

The Personal Motivation behind Your App Ideas

Sammy’s example served two purposes: he built an app to satisfy one of his interests (reading comics) and overcame a frustration (inability to find a good app to read digital comics).

Personal motivation can really serve you well when developing an app. Like Sammy said, if the app is something you want to use, it’s a lot easier to keep wanting to work on it — even when the going gets tough.

So take some time to think about those things that aggravate and inspire you, and jot down ways an app might help. It’s a good idea to think on this for a couple days as you go about your routine. After all, you may not think about some frustrations until you experience them.

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Personal Motivation

  1. What are you most passionate about? How might an app help?
  2. Where are there frustrations or pain points in your life? How might an app help alleviate them?

I am right now passionate about speech to text app so I can translate my voice to text then showing arabic text in Quran.